Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sketching, writing asset list

Upon reading some of the lore regarding the city I have found out the following:

- the blood elves which inhabit the city are obsessed with arcane magic. They have a massive hunger for and the obsession is sometimes too much to handle.
- they use magic in a lot of their architectural elements. Many building are held together with the help of magic. You can see floating pots and flags as well, which are the cause of this as well.
 - the city follows the natural topography of the landscape, thus it blends in nicely. This is not just in the shapes, but in the colors as well. You can see a lot of trees that have the same color palette as some of the structures.
- the city is full of foliage: flowers, bushes, trees etc.

I`ve sketched down 1-2 drawings:

Based on the research and reference images, I`ve compiled an asset list and put them intro logical groups:

Gate structure:

- Gate main building
- 2 towers at side
- balcony
- big wall bricks
- bridge + its sides

Gate structure

Inner Room:

- Kael'thas statue (human statue at entrance)
- Inner walls
- decoration
- floor
- flags
-block below statue

Inner Room

Right building:

- big bricks
- arc shaped top
- decorations
- rooftop block
- support tower

Right building


- trees (5 type)
- bushes (4 type)
- lamps
- benches
- flags with support
- cobblestone (bridge, terrain road and inner room)
- fireplace (near entrance)



- all the towers and the right building top will be used to simulate a big city behind the gates

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