Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Timeplan and first block outs

With the referencing part pretty much finished, I wanted to create a time-plan for myself so I can track my progress and always know where I am at. I have a deadline and I have a journey leading up to that, so I exactly know how I'm doing.

Week 1

- Complete the main block out of the scene
- Create everything from the asset list and possibly add more if needed.

Week 2

- develop textures
- develop lighting
- create multiple test renders/iterate and play with the settings to achieve a final look

Week 3

- animate
- optimize the scene for animation rendering
- create final tests
- render required passes
- composite/post-process in After Effects

Here are some of the earliest blockouts where the aim was to try and match the scale and proportions of my concept. The very first test render showed that I did not understand a thing or two about the layout, so it was good to see some errors pop up at this stage and not later when I`m already in the detailing stages. Making global changes could have been very destructive.

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