Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Creating the color palette

Creating a color palette is not something that I call as a habit, as I have never really went ahead and created one for my previous work. I was aware of the color scheme I would use, but I never really put it down onto paper or a digital sheet. I will change that with this project and will study the colors I will use in detail to make sure that I re-create that Silvermoon feeling and atmosphere.

The scene will be dominated by shades of orange which you will mostly see in the architecture. To break up the dullness of one color dominance, I use red for assets like the flag and striking yellow on its logo. This will bring more contrast to the image, thus making it more interesting for the eye.

The vegetation will consist of all kinds of colors. The bushes and the grass on the terrain will have shades of green, but the trees have different colors. The trees found on the bridge leading towards the gate have a whitish bark and yellow leafs. The other trees found on the ground have the same bark, but the colors vary for the top part. All of them have a gradient behavior, meaning the leafs start with color A on the bottom. As you go up, the color transitions to color B and then on the upmost part color C.

The architecture will have a certain amount of white in them as well and the crystals found on the flags near the bridge have a blue glowing crystal. This is very handy as I can further break up the boring red/orange monopoly and bring more contrast next to the green.

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