Wednesday, October 10, 2012

ZBrush anatomy study

Recommended in HD 1080p to see all the details.

After learning the basics of human skeletal anatomy, I`ve went ahead and attempted to further my understanding inside ZBrush. Trying to recreate all the bones in complete 3 dimensional space puts your mind through the next level of understanding of these shapes.


My aim was NOT to use reference images as image planes, rather use the methods I have learned so far to keep proportion and also look at images outside of ZBrush. I`ve done it this way to put my mind through that frustration process of trying to understand these shapes and forms on a whole new level.
Well, it was frustrating at times all right. especially when some of the references from various sources showed  confusing differences. I had to dig deeper and read up on how things worked regarding the skeletal structure.

It was a good learning experience with ZBrush as well. I wanted practice to become more comfortable with the interface and scene management. All the separate little pieces meant different subtools. In the end I`ve ended up with about 30, which had to be managed logically in order to keep a grasp on the work.

From here its on to the muscle system, first on paper. We'll see how soon I`ll be able to dwell into that area as a combination of uni work + freelance work is stealing all my free time away from me... but where's a will, there's a way :) .

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