Saturday, November 17, 2012

Color theory tests

In order to further my understanding on how color affects the perception of my environmental work, I started studying the book "The Color Start" by Johannes Itten.

The book goes into the fundamental basics and characteristics of each color and its affect on the viewer.
For example, some colors stir different emotions and feelings like anxiety, relaxation or danger.

Green color conjures feelings of balance, relaxation, harmony. On the opposite side, the colors of amber (yellow, orange, red) stimulate nervousness, unsettled and mixed emotions.

To put these theories to the test, I`ve decided to change the color palette of some of my earlier work.
The still images I have created in the past had specific color palettes to convey a desired mood.

I`ve decided to fundamentally alter their colors to achieve all sorts of different atmospheres and moods.

Haunted House - original image:

The original image has a cool, horror kind of feel to it. I`ve aimed for a picture with a sense of mystery and danger.


I've tried bringing warm colors of red, yellow
and orangy colors to create a calmer
I play around mostly with the
shades of green. Green brings a sense
of relaxation to the image.
This one is similar to the first version, but
I wanted to experiment on how contrast
affects the final outcome.
Shades of violet stimulates the viewer,
conjuring imagination and bringing
a sense of beauty to the image.
Old House - original image:

Colors used here are warm and soft. The aim was to create a pleasant
environment, presenting a sunny day in a rustic house.

It is really fantastic how you can change the entire mood of an image by just adjusting the color palette. The version where I have mainly used red tones create a completely different sensation to the one where mostly bright blues play part.

Telegraph - Original image:

Tried to simulate an interior scene with a fairly sunny day outside.
There is a balance between light grey colors and orangy, brown shades
of the furniture. I have added a hint of deep red to the pen to break up
the dull orange colors a bit and add further contrast.

Again, totally different perceptions of the image because of the color change.

I will definitely benefit from this new knowledge and will play closer attention to the colors right from the planning stage.
I will alter my workflow and implement a thorough color research to define a specific color palette before starting to delve into the technical stages. I feel this will grant me a better understanding on what I am actually creating and will bring me more confidence and control over my work.

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