Friday, November 16, 2012

Freelance work - Photoshop

I`ve received an offer that I could take on due to my Generalist skills.

The client provided photographs of various arm watches. These watches were shot at a certain angle and the request was to recreate them from a perfect front view.
At first it did not seem like a huge task, but the quality needed was very high, so I couldn`t just use the Transformation tools to re-orient the watches as the interior had to be perfectly aligned as well.

Here are some the reference provided (I had to re-create a total of 6 watches, I`m going to show 3 of these):

Watch nr. 1:

Watch nr. 2:

Watch nr. 3:

The final pictures I need to create need to be completely front facing and as the viewer shifts between the different version of a model, everything has to be consistent. If I scroll through the reference images sent, I can see that for example the interior part keep moving around. This is because it is not aligned properly.

The colors of the handles and numerous other elements change as well, so a basic color adjustment would not do the job.

I had to completely redraw the interior of the watches, piece by piece in order to have full control over them.
I took one version, rebuild it and then change its colors afterwards to re-create the grey and yellow version of it.

The sent images did not have an alpha, so the background color was blended together with the watch. I had to separate the background and make it transparent. The images will be used on a website and have to let its design visible around the watch.

This is very good Photoshop practice for me. I`ve bumped into quite a lot of issues and had to rethink my workflow. For my environmental work, I use Photoshop a lot of texture painting and post-production work. Becoming more familiar and fluent with the software makes texturing all the more easier and allow me to focus on applying the theories of color, tone, shade rather than being limited technically.

The workflow was pretty much the same with all of the watches: redrawing the necessary elements with the Pen tool mostly and using the guides to match things up perfectly.

The task proved not being as simple as just making the watches front facing. The client, almost on a pixel level, spotted every little irregularity. If there was a slight reflection somewhere, I had to go in and remove it, or if the texture had a bit of different shading in a certain area, that had to be removed as well.
It was a lot of retouching as well, and I was debating whether to rebuild the objects in 3DSMax to get a perfect, clean control over everything.
In the end, that did not seem like the most efficient way to go about the project, so I remained with Photoshop and retouched every little element.
It is a good learning process as you become aware of what to usually look out for when working for a client. There usually are no shortcuts, you have to do things properly and very professionally.

I had one week to finish the job and just like with the Jewelry one , I kept updating the client frequently and asking for feedback so I know I am on the right track and they feel that their project is in "good hands".

I've met the deadline, client was happy and I've already managed to build some credibility for further possible assignments.

Here are some of the final images:

Watch nr.1 - finished:

Watch nr. 2 - finished:

Watch nr. 3 - finished:

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