Sunday, November 18, 2012

Autodesk certified

Earlier this month, Autodesk held their Open Doors events throughout the globe. During this event, they offer completely free software exams, which if you pass receive an Autodesk Certification.

This was a great opportunity to measure my technical knowledge and get a better picture of where I am at right now with 3D Studio Max.
I`ve decided to take 3 exams, 3DSMax Associate's, Models to Motion Professional and Professional.

These three exams tested me in every way possible regarding this software. From basic user interface questions, to the purpose and function of all the different animation Solvers, right down to the Composite software with which 3DSMax ships.

Here are the scores and the Certificates I've managed to get:

Models to Motion - Professional

These certificates are held in high regard by recruiters and it shows commitment to your work. Now, I have a document proving my technical skills, it's not just my word. Although, what's most important in this industry is the portfolio, having such certificates never hurts.

This was also a good occasion to network with other people and I did make a few acquaintances.

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