Friday, December 14, 2012

The start of Professional Practice + creating a flyer task

A new mdule has just started at university, which is called Professional Practice. Our tutor, Timothy Lozinski (who I was working for at LAUNCH) explained the puprose of this module. The module helps us prepare to mature out of the "student life" and become a professional.

The module explains how to approach several topics, such as networking, tax planning, approaching job applications etc.
Timothy talked about a wide range of subjects, like how to introduce myself as an artist and make myself to be perceived as a professional, instead of a student.
I was reminded and provided with good tips on how to create and design business cards, how to present my work online etc. Timothy explained the importance of having an online portfolio that has a unique look to it. It is important to stand out of the competition and to not look like "just another artist". A lot of effort has to be invested on how people perceive you. Your professional image is crucial in order to be successful.

One of our first tasks was to create a flyer. My group's flyer had to contain useful information about the post graduate opportunities in Animation around the West Midlands. My specific role was to research Coventry University, University of Worcester and Funding information in general.

As a first step I went ahead and looked up the official websites of these universities to find out as much as I can from there. The websites lacked some information so I had to call up University of Worcester's information line to ask about funding possibilities.
Our first flyer did not end up being very good as the design did not do the information justice. After that, I went ahead and took over the designing part as well. The aim was to keep things really simple and clear. I don't think that with information that people actually seek you need to create some exotic design as it might distract the viewer from the actual information.

Here is the final look of the flyer:

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