Sunday, December 16, 2012

Job research 2

I have done a significant amount of job researching at the start of SS1, which can be read HERE .

During Professional Practice we were asked to do this once again, so I went ahead and researched several other companies.

First of all I looked at how the application process is built up for Blizzard Entertainment. Again, it becomes obvious that above all, I need excelent traditional art skills and a general feel to what makes something look great. Secondly, technical skills must not be ignored at all. Programs such as 3DSMax, Maya, ZBrush etc. are heavily required as well as Photoshop. Nothing has changed since my initial search. What is different this time is the fact that I actually looked at the application form.

It asks candidates to provide quite a lot of information. I've also learned that cover letters and recommendations can be uploaded as well. I will surely ask for a recommendation letter before applying to any company.

Bethesda Softworks asks for pretty much the same skills as Blizzard does. The only thing separating these companies usually are the bonus requirements. It is always a big plus to have a good knowledge about the games these companies develop. Having a good understanding and grasp on the visual style of the Elder Scrolls or Fallout games is a big plus when applying to Bethesda. Also, skills with the Havoc tools is a plus as well.
Same goes for Blizzard. If an applicant has played the game and understand how the company aims to entertain and above all understands the visual style then this is considered a big advantage.
World of Warcraft's architectural elements tend to be a parody of their realistic counterparts from real-life. Every church and house has a cartoony/curvy silhouette to it, whereas the Elder Scrolls games tend to be a bit more realistic, similar to the Lord of the Rings style.

Digic Pictures is an animation studio, that produces pre-rendered/cinematic quality work. Applying for a job through their website is a bit different: it does not follow a sofisticated application procedure, rather it tends to put more freedom and creativity in the aplicants hands. They clearly state that an artist should not concentrate on the technical elements, but on becoming a better artist.
If someone wants to apply then they can send an e-mail to which you attach anything you see fit (e.g. cover letter, CV etc.).

Blitz Studios has some great tips on what they would expect from a 3D Modeller & Texture Artist. This article is immensely helpful, especially if one is planning on applying there.
They reinforce the importance of a strong grounding in traditional art as well as how crucial the technical elements are today. These tips contradict with what Digic states, but one has to be able to see the entire picture: yes, growing as an artist and being able to create amazing visuals is important, but if you don't have the technical skills to bring those ideas to life via 3D Computer Graphics then you have a problem. The technical elements of today are very sophisticated and it takes years to learn them. One should not only focus on pencil and paper, but also train to get excellent technical skills.

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