Monday, April 22, 2013

Brightwall - Final look

After many many weeks of trial and error, of working toward bringing this level to life, I've finally achieved an outcome that I feel happy with. When I decided on learning and creating game art in December, I knew I was facing a very steep learning curve because of the time that was available to me.

The transition from pre-rendered CGI to computer game art, if given enough time can be less of a hassle. Although, given 5 months to learn the technical elements, plus focus your art in a slightly different direction due to the limitations of games was not easy. I am still learning and will be learning for quite a while after SS2, but what I feel very confident about is the fact that I have given myself a chance to get my foot in the door.
A very good way to measure my progress is to think back and look back at my work before December. I was using a completely different approach, way less efficient and more time consuming.

My SS2 final project, Brightwall pulls all of the knowledge I have gathered into one final piece of work. Even though, everything can be improved and one can work on a project for many many months, I need to sit back, look at what I was able to pull off, learn from it and move on to new projects.

That said, here are some images from the final scene. The upcoming post will feature two videos of the level.

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