Saturday, March 30, 2013

Brightwall - Architecture reference

There was one issue with the concept I have chosen. The village buildings that can be seen on it don't really hold enough details to make them look interesting enough. They are very simple houses with just a few intriguing details, like the curved and exaggerated roofs.

Because of this, I went ahead and looked up what fantasy/medieval type of building concepts I could find that match the style I'm aiming for.
Interestingly enough, what I was looking for did not come from CG concept artists, rather real life model makers.

Here are the references:

3D blockout:

The final picture shows all of the modular elements that can be re-used to create different, unique houses.
I have also added the necessary details to achieve a more "Warcraft look". The aim was to remove straight lines from wherever it was relevant. Silhouettes need to be exaggerated a bit to make the building look different, interesting.

The next step involves a lot of technical elements, like unwrapping each of the modular pieces for texturing and importing them into the UDK engine.

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