Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Trying to stay active during the Christmas break + DISSERTATION

After the hand in of my final projects for SS1, I've decided to remain somewhat active during the break as well. It wouldn't be a good idea to completely shut your working brain off for a complete month, because as university recommences, new project and tight deadlines await.

One of these projects involved researching and writing my final year dissertation.
I wanted to take the opportunity at write a dissertation that is 100% related to the issues I've been experiencing as a 3D Artist.

With the approach of the deadline for our Professional Practice module, I wanted to help myself with this dissertation to better plan out my future business plan.
If I examine my university modules closely, it's obvious that there is a pattern and that they are connected. This third year ,especially, is a journey towards becoming fully ready (technically and organisation wise also) to enter the professional world.

At the start of third year, I was immediately faced with a dilemma: my initial plan was to prepare myself as a Generalist. Someone, who can perform in all of the main areas of CG. With the start of our SS1 module, I had to do a significant amount of research on the CG industry and soon realized that I seriously need to re-think my approach.

I always aimed to work at a high profile company, on one of the most influential games or cinematics of today. To sum it up in a nutshell, based on where my ambition lies, I learned that I want and need to specialize in Environment Art, with a pronounced approach to games over cinematic work.

The dissertation aims to act as a guide to people who are in a similar situation I was before the start of third year. The confusion whether to become a Generalist or a specialist is a serious one and can result in a bad business plan for an aspiring artist's future.

Click HERE to download the dissertation.

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