Friday, January 18, 2013

A bit of networking DEUTSCHE BANK Workshop

The first networking possibility of our 2nd term was provided via a workshop. On January the 15th, at the School of Art on Margaret Street.

Despite being a workshop, the place was packed with mostly students, but I noticed some people possibly from various companies interested in the event.

Max Comfort talked about a wide range of issues when it comes to getting started in the professional world. He talked about the importance of networking and gave us some tips on how to approach business professionals. Some good tips were given regarding business cards as well.

He talked about real life issues, instead of the dogmatic things, which I've found very refreshing and useful.

The workshop provided the possibility to get to know some people. I've been able to talk with quite a few BCU students. Even though they are on a whole different kind of course (fashion, jewelry etc.) its still good to have contacts within your own university.

Max talked a great deal about freelancing possibilities and how to plan such a career. Freelancing involves a great deal of tax planning and people who have no experience regarding this need advice. He examined and explained the common issues of freelancing and went on to show us some methods on how to plan and calculate your financial situation. Topics like Cashflow Projection, GANTT Chart etc.

I might end up revisiting the content of this presentation as eventually I might have to look for freelance work and I will surely need some guidance with various issues.

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