Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A bit of a disappointment - Part 2

Having looked at Sekler and Romanian architecture, I did not come up with anything that would be unique enough for the environment. I've decided to do an extensive search on the internet on whatever I can find from the medieval ages.

Looking for reference is not just about finding something that perfectly suits your expectations and then "just" copying it. As you look through hundreds and hundreds of images your image library starts to build up. By this I don't just mean a library on the computer, but inside your mind as well. Your imagination starts to widen and quite often I've found myself coming up with new things by looking at something that already exists. Reference images can ignite one's imagination to think of something new and that is an important trait to have.

I have found a vast number of images.. literally. I've gathered about 600 in total, which I will not put up here. I've also checked some concept art websites as well and in the end came up with a smaller library composed of the images that I can inspire something new from:

I really got hooked on the bat theme and the idea of actually making a structure look like a dragon is imbedded into it inspired me even more. I also like these impossibly narrow cliff formations, which then widen out, offering a planar type of surface. Of course, this is all impossible in real life, but the beauty of CGI has always been the possibility to make the impossible look actually believable.

I began drawing a basic concept of the building I was after:

Concept of the environment:

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