Friday, November 30, 2012


I wanted to get constructive criticism to help better my work and to see what I might not be doing "right" when it comes to recreating the Warcraft style.

There are a lot of online forums that could be suitable for this, but I was thinking if there might be some.. or one that would be the best choice for this specific project. There are several CG websites that could point out technical issues or just generally say if the work was good or not, but I figured that the biggest World of Warcraft fansite would be a great choice in order to get honest opinion.
The people over at are amazingly helpful and the community is huge. I've gotten loads of replies and people started to really build up interest around my work.
I've felt that it would be embarrassing and wouldn't help my reputation much if I don't keep the community updated, so I have often posted work-in-progress images
The forum thread can be found HERE.

This was a good way to test if I've applied the theoretical elements correctly. People over here did not care about the technical stuff. For the technical feedback, I have used websites like Polycount, CGArena etc.

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