Saturday, September 29, 2012

Continuing with anatomy

Whilst I am working on the skeleton, university has also re-commenced. My next posts will focus mainly of the current assignment we've received, but at the moment I am going to concentrate on finishing my studies and modeling on the human skeleton.

I`ve made significant progress inside ZBrush. I`ve decided not to upload work-in-progress stuff as I will be finishing very soon, so there is no point for spoilers :) .
One thing is for sure: going ahead and sculpting the shapes and forms in 3D perspective has skyrocketed my understanding of all the different elements of the body. There were a lot of things which I could not read from my drawings. For example I could draw the basic shape of the scapula, but there were a couple of things missing from my understanding as how it fits on the body, how the head of the humerus connects to it etc.

Sculpting the skull was one of the biggest challenges. I`ve decided to re-model it several times, because I made mistakes and wanted to learn from them by recreating the model with that new knowledge. Laying down the fundamental features of the skull first, defining the main landmarks as the first step and then starting to slowly build out the whole thing from there ended up being the most rewarding approach.

I`ve took this new understanding and tried redrawing the skull in a much more detailed way. Previously I could only draw a very simple skull, but since I have a better understanding of the general planes, the little nips and tucks of it allowed me to draw something like this.

I hope you will check back soon to take a look at my final skeleton.

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