Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Online community contacts and feedback

Since the start of third year, I have started to pay more attention in developing relevant contacts withing the CG industry. In the past I had uploaded my finished work to popular CG websites like cgarena.com3dtotal.comevermotion.com etc. I have gained valuable feedback from this experience, but I am planning to make my contact with the online community a bit more interactive.

I not just want to upload finished images, but I am planning on starting forum threads which will be like a digital sketchbook, showing my progression with each of my projects. This is more beneficial than just uploading a final piece as you will gain essential tips, suggestions, criticism etc. as you continue your work, but it also makes people more aware of your art.
I feel that I have enough experience to start such threads on very popular websites like PolycountCGSociety3DTotal etc. When I first started learning CG I`ve uploaded my work to a smaller, Hungarian website called World3d.hu, where I made many new friends and acquaintances with whom I still keep contact. They helped me enormously back in the days to develop myself, so going ahead and sharing my work-in-progress (WiP) work on bigger, international websites sounds like a good idea.

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